Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Halloween - Samhain - Celtic New Year

Happy New Year!

No I'm not 2 months early in the old Celtic calendar the New Year began at sunset on Samhain which most of us now celebrate as Halloween so if you're looking for a fresh start now is a good time.

By the way do you know the legend of the Jack O Lantern?

Apparently Jack tricked the devil into agreeing never to collect his soul. Unfortunately for Jack when he died he wasn't allowed into Heaven and because of the agreement the Devil had made he wasn't allowed into hell either. Jack's spirit was left to wander the earth moaning about how dark it was. Someone took pity on Jack and tossed him a lump of glowing coal which he put into a hollowed out pumpkin which he now uses to light his way - especially on Halloween!

Happy Halloween to you all. 

Image credit and copyright James Caton

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